Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What information is auto-populated using Agent Form Manager?
A:  You choose how much or little you would like auto-populated.  At a minimum, the Agent and Brokerage Information is auto-populated.  You can choose to enter client and property information when prompted or ignore the prompts and enter everything directly into the contract.  You may also use the template features of the product to save time and improve accuracy by starting with a partially completed contract.

Q:  How do the templates work?
A:  If you're tired of re-entering the same information every time you fill out the same type of contract , templates are your answer.  You can create a template contract with the information that does not typically change from client to client, then save it as your template.  When you're ready to write a new contract, you simply select your template and the information you pre-selected is already entered.  If any of the pre-selected information needs to be changed for a single contract, you can change it simply by typing over it.

Examples of what to fill out in a template- The multitude of checkboxes that are typically selected the same on most contracts such as who pays title insurance, who pays for appraisal, who provides condo documents, etc, etc, etc. Also, information like your favorite additional provisions can be added to the template.

Q:  If I purchase one license, on how many computers will I be able to install Agent Form Manager?
A:  One license may be installed on as many computers as you require.  Each agent  that uses Agent Form Manager on any of your computers will need to purchase a license.  You may not share your license code with other agents. 

Q:  Will my computer be able to run Agent Form Manager?
A:  Most newer computers are capable of running Agent Form Manager.  The program requires Windows XP or Windows Vista.  No additional hardware or software  is required.  Agent Form Manager is not supported on Mac's.  

Q:  Am I locked into a subscription when I purchase Agent Form Manager?
A:  No.  We offer a 12-month license beginning on the date of purchase.  We do not require monthly payments and do not automatically charge your credit card annually.  You make a one-time payment for your 12-month license.

Q:  Is additional hardware required to create electronic signatures?
A:  No.  Additional hardware and software are not required to create electronic signatures. Electronic signatures can be created using a mouse or laptop touch pad.

Q:  Does Agent Form Manager work with digital pens?
A:  Yes.  Digital pens are not required but work great with Agent Form Manager.  We like the i-Pen by Finger Systems.  It's inexpensive and looks and feels like a pen.  If you don't have an electronic pen, just sign with your mouse!

Q:  Is an Internet connection required to write a contract?
A:  No. An Internet connection is not required to write or print contracts.

Q:  Will I need an Internet connection to email contracts?
A:  Yes. You will need an internet connection to email contracts.

Q:  Do I need to create or maintain a new email account to send electronic contracts from Agent Form Manager?
A:  No. You may send electronic contracts directly from Agent Form Manager.

Q:  Can I add my company logo to my contracts?
A:  Yes. You may add or change your company logo anytime at your convenience or you may use the real estate forms without adding your logo. 

Q:  Is there a fee to receive contract updates and program updates?
A:  No.  Contract updates and program updates are free.  We do not charge any subscription fees.  We do not automatically renew our customers at the end of their 12 month license.